Food and Cuisines:


Food is a basic necessity for everyone to survive. It provides essential nutrition for humans and animals in order to maintain life. Culture of food  differs from place to place. Every country have their own food habits and cultures following sinceseveral ages. Importance of food in our lives makes us to place it in one of the primary needs of a person as it is basic need in order to survive. Yet some people waste lot of food knowingly or unknowingly and there aresome people who do not get any thing to eat.We must always bethoughtful while cooking and eating food to prevent food wastage.

Every cuisine has different style and taste. Furthermore, nature blessed us with a wide variety of food from plants and animals, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, milk and milk products and meat.One must not waste food so it is better to take sufficient amount of it. Moreover, people should acquire a habit of giving leftover food to those who are in need and to the stray animals like dogs and cats. So that they can have a mealwith out starving.


Indian cuisine – Indian cuisine is all about  curries and spices.It is largely based on religious, cultural and traditional and it differs from place to place and everyplace have their specials and unique styles of cooking.

Italian cuisine – Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines around the world.Dishes like pizza, pasta and lasagna have become common in every restaurant.

Chinese cuisines – Chinese cuisine is also very popular there are many Chinese theme based restaurants. Noodles and fried rice were very famous. Most of their dishes were stir fried and steamed to make it healthy and non greasy.

Continental cuisine: It can be referred as international cuisine including Europe and other countries. Their dishes contain less spices.

We all know that one cannot resist food. Too much of anything becomes harmful so enjoying food in limited quantities wont make much of a problem.Eating deep fried and processed foods can lead to health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. These foods contain high calories and trans fat high, sodium levels, so eating too much of junk food causes negative impact on our health. It is healthy to have home cooked meals with all the nutrition values and now and then you can go for street food or junk food to fulfil those food cravings.