Yoga Is A Therapy Towards Healthy Lifestyle


An ancient spiritual practice which is now becoming popular as a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being, yoga. Yoga includes a number of physical asanas, pranayama and meditation which were mostly practiced in India according to Indian philosophy. Our body is considered a vehicle of development which needs awakening to bring out awareness and attentiveness in life.

Once we try to focus on our inner feelings through yoga, we will stay connected to ourselves far away from anxiety. Since yoga was originated in the ancient East, it has now become a therapy towards healthy lifestyle in the modern world. Yoga is suitable for everyone, whether old or young, male or female, injured or fit. Practice yoga to self-discipline your mind and spirit and stay grounded. It will bring a positive vibe within us and will influence us to approach wisely in our life.

Yoga Is A Therapy

Does the philosophy of Yoga be about strength, calmness and well-being?

There are about six branches of yoga representing focus on mind, body and spirit. They are as follows:-

  • Hatha yoga: This branch aims at developing the mind and body physically and mentally.
  • Karma yoga: This creates a path to build a future free from negativity and evilness.
  • Bhakti yoga: This will build a positive path towards your emotions along with boosting acceptance and tolerance.
  • Raja yoga: This focuses on meditation and follows disciplinary steps known as the eight limbs of yoga.
  • Jnana yoga: This yoga will help to build your path towards studies.
  • Tantra yoga: A pathway towards rituals, ceremony & consummation of a relationship.

Can chakras work as a therapy towards healthy lifestyle?

The seven major chakras can determine people’s reality by considering emotional reactions, level of confidence or fear, desires and physical symptoms. Chakra symbolizes a spinning wheel. Therefore, these are central points of energy, thoughts and feelings. The chakras will help in balancing the emotions and controlling anxiety, lethargy or poor digestion.

Side effects or risk

 A person may experience sprains or strains while doing yoga, which is not a serious problem. Follow the guidelines of a well trained instructor to avoid any risk factors. A pregnant woman should consult a doctor before adopting yoga if she has ongoing medical conditions like glaucoma, sciatica or bone loss. A beginner should avoid heavy practices such as Headstand, Lotus Pose or forceful breathing.

Yes, we can take up yoga to cure certain health conditions. According to National Health Interview Survey report, about 94% of people in US practiced yoga for their well-being. Practice yoga to reduce stress and anxiety or any harsh symptoms.