Trampoline-Device used for recreational and competitive purposes


A trampoline is a device constructed by a taut piece and a strong fabric covering the round steel frame. The gymnasts use it to perform activities by bouncing off over it. The main concern of developers is the safety of users. Trampoline is also used for domestic purposes to perform leisure activities. When user bounces over it, the fabric spread over the frame and push him up to 3-4 meter above in the air. Somewhat this device is dangerous for children because it may cause the severe fall or injuries. The safety issue is paramount here.

With the concern of maintaining safety, Trampoline is developed by using materials of the best standards. Another way to fulfill this precious requirement of being safe is by burying half of this device, which lessens the distance between ground and peak of bouncing. Trampolines used in gyms and organized clubs have a strong possibility of facing dangerous injuries. To overcome this, large safety end-decks with foam pads are used at each end.

Trampoline – My Favorite Game

The Trampoline is one of my favorite sports of mine. It is an amazing experience to jump high in the air without any external rope on your shoulder. When I was a preschooler, I used to jump on my bed. Now, I have an option in my backyard, that too, just in a pro-style. It is very interesting to note that such sports are not only pleasing to mind & body but also make our muscles strong. Do you know that it shares an interesting history too?

Trampoline-Device used

The evidence shows that early trampolines were seen in Europe when news about some sports in which a simple-looking blanket tosses people. The first formal modern style tossing sport came to be in existence in 1936 in the USA. Two athletes designed the trampoline table. The first few models were made to train tumblers in the team. Later on, the popularity of this new tossing game rose to such an extent that it was made available to the common public.

Unlike its older model, the trampoline table comprises strong stainless steel material with a quality bounce mat. The use of polypropylene is common for bouncing mats. Although there are various shapes for the table, I prefer to use a round one as it gives me the same area around my radius when I jump up in its center.

It is also used by astronaut training, which gives them the experience of variable body positions in flight.